Playing StyleEdit

Valkyries have a large variety of playing styles that have been discovered due to their large user-base.

Bow ValkyrieEdit

Bow Valkyries are the classical ranger-type class, using a two-handed bow to fight off opponents. Bow Valkyries typically center themselves around two skills, Deadly Assault and Crushing Fall.

Assault ValkyriesEdit

Assault Valkyries concentrate on Deadly Assault to deliver powerful, single striking attacks. Because of their extremely high damage against one target, Assault Valkyries are very powerful contenders in PvP.

Crushing ValkyriesEdit

Valkyries that adopt Crushing Fall as their primary offensive skill are Crushing Valkyries. Crushing Fall is a powerful Area of Effect attack that deals damage in a 360 degree radius around the user. These Valkyries are great for killing large masses of low-leveled mobs.

Kara ValkyriesEdit

Kara Valkyries get their name from the Kara, a two-handed Growth Weapon that Valkyries can use. Kara Valkyries benefit from high base damage, stronger weapons, and access to powerful skills such as Convert Strike and Assassination at later levels.

One-Handed ValkyriesEdit

One-Handed Valkyries use a short sword and shield combination for quick strikes against their enemies and the added protection that a shield provides. Weapons such as the Magus Edge and Hidden Short Sword are great alternatives to the bow for Valkyrie players that enjoy close melee combat.

Bind ValkyriesEdit

By using the Bind Tentacle skill as their main attack, Bind Valkyries destroy their enemies' power to move. Bind Valkyries are a new, fun kind of Valkyrie with high potential for those willing to experiment with them.


Valkyries skills are as followed.......

Haste (Lvl 2) Active

Life Tab(Lvl 5) Active

 Aura(Lvl8) Active Pty skill

Feather Step(Lvl 13) Passive

Bind Tentacle(Lvl 15) Active

Deadly Assault(Lvl 20) Active

Burst(Lvl 25)Active

Wail Of Valkyrie (Lvl 30) Active

Crushing Fall(Lvl 45) Active

Shadow(Lvl 60) Active

Option skills/advancedEdit

Damage Enchanter(Lvl 90) Derived:Haste: Active

Assasination (Lvl 90) Derived:Deadly assault:Active

Crushing Heaven(Lvl 90) Derived: Crushing Fall:Active


Lvl booster Hp and MP(Lvl 75) (Active)


Celestyn Fleta (Level 60) Active

Cigma Splasher(Level 60)Active