== Skills Skills are basically abilities that are used or will be used permanently, and their ability depends on the amount of skill points you place on that specific skill(you recieve a at least 1 point everytime you level up). Skills differ into 2 groups.==

Active skill: Edit

An active skill can be used by the user and will not stay forever, it will have a time limited effect. 2 examples of a skill such as this are "shock wave and aura.

Passive skill:Edit

A passive skill is a skill that is permanent and once leveled up, will permanently be in effect, unless however, the user decides to initalize. A skill such as this is feather step.

Different FORMS of skillsEdit

There are 3 forms of skills.

1. Basic: basic skills are always passive, they will change the ability of the character forever. Each character has the same basic skills. One example of this is Health Recharge.(Some basic skills should be used by specific characters, eg. Staff Mastery for mages, but not Range mastery, even though it is possible, range is for Valks only.

2. Class: Class skills are specific to the type of character. They will never be used by the other characters, except for abilities that affect party members, such as life up and major heal

3.Option: option skills are the absolute pinnacle of skills (they can only be accessed under special conditions).

But there is always a skill that increases mana and hp and is active for ALL classes in the game, called level booster Hp and Mp, remember it. Some option skills can only be accessed at lvl 90 or over. And they can only be accessed if the user has maxed their lesser version, as in, finished putting all points on it. Master skills are available only for masters.One example of a maxed skill is absolute fire, deriving from explosion. One example of a master skill is vahalla cannon, for master savages.

Summary: skills differ, and some can even summon things to aid in battle. But the most important thing is, if you
use them correctly, you will be victorious!!!!